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Escrow Acct. User - $2.00 for 1st page and $1.00 for each additional page per document.  Funds must be deposited by check or credit card into escrow account.  Agreement can be downloaded from following link:
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Flat Fee – $300.00 monthly fee for up to 500 document pages.  Agreement can be downloaded from the following link:
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Images for deeds & misc recorded in the years from 1855 to 1935 and mortgages from 1935 are only available when searching by document # or by volume and page.  Grantor/Grantee searches & searches by legal desc. are not available for those years at this time.   Due to previous indexing practices, when searching older documents by document # there may be documents (mortgages, deeds, misc) found with the same document #. 

Click on the Color Tract Index link to view images/pages from our Tract, Grantor/Grantee  AND Lis Pendens index books

 Color Tract Index 

Our credit card integration with has been enhanced.  You may notice some slight changes to the credit card authorization screens in LandShark. 

We do not accept American Express. 

PLEASE NOTE: Effective NOON, SEPTEMBER 29, 2023, ALL Clark County documents will be transferred to a new land records management system. Please contact the Register of Deeds if you have any questions or issues searching. 



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