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The following information will be available:
Computer real estate tract index available from 1943 to present.
Click on the Color Tract Index link (below the Notice text box) to view images/pages from our Tract index, Grantor-Grantee and Lis Pendens index books.
Grantor/Grantee information and images from 1943 to present.
Images of all subdivision plats, condos and certified survey maps.
Images of Deeds from 1855 thru 1942 and images of Mortgages & Misc from 1935 thru 1942 are available only by document # or by volume and page.

Notice - 

Images for deeds recorded in the years from 1855 to 1943 and mortgages & misc from 1935 to 1943 are only available when searching by document # or by volume and page.  Grantor/Grantee searches & searches by legal desc. are not available for those years at this time.   Due to previous indexing practices, when searching older documents by document # there may be documents (mortgages, deeds, misc) found with the same document #. 

Click on the Color Tract Index link to view images/pages from our Tract, Grantor/Grantee  AND Lis Pendens index books

 Color Tract Index 

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